April 12, 2017

Mobile Solutions

Today’s workforce is a mobile workforce. It is a workforce that rarely sets foot in corporate offices, instead working from home or at remote worksites. It is also a nimble workforce that must meet constantly changing demands and 24/7 global cycles, all while staying compliant with complex labor laws.

TreeRing Time’s MobileClock 

Our mobile apps are designed to provide employees handheld employee time and attendance software for use from anywhere within the bounds of their cell provider's supported data plan. Whether on-site or on-the- go Mobile Clock gives you the ability to leverage the power of TreeRing Time with instant access to key features from wherever you are, including:

  • Quickly clock in and clock out with an easy to use interface
  • Perform break operations for accurate time tracking without having to clock out
  • Easily view and change job or cost codes in an instant
  • Enter custom information such as tips, mileage after a clock out transaction with tracked fields
  • Enter attestation information after a clock out transaction with tracked fields
  • View timesheet
  • Enter vacation or leave requests
  • Capture GPS location of clocking transactions as they are performed

Download TreeRing Time's Mobile Clock to leverage the power of your TreeRing Time Software.

Mobile App Download

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/treering-time/id1271644201?ls=1&mt=8

IVR System

The TreeRing Workforce Solutions’ IVR system is completely integrated with the TreeRing Time. It enables employees to simply dial a telephone number to clock in/out, perform job
transfers, hear their work schedules, and utilize many other great workforce management features in real time, without data polling.

Our IVR system supports caller-ID lockout so employees must call in from a pre-defined list of phone numbers. It also supports automatic group transfers that allow employees to be automatically transferred to a specific job or department when they call in from a defined phone number.

Telephone punch functionality is typically used for companies with employees working at remote locations or with a mobile workforce, such as construction businesses, housekeeping services, and home health care providers. Employees can access the system anytime, anywhere, using their own phone!

Key Features

  • Punch in and out
  • Apply customizable job and/or department transfers
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Fully integrated—no 3rd party and support headaches necessary.