April 12, 2017

Professional Services

Implementations Services

With thousands of implementations performed our methodology has a proven record of success. Adopting best practices and specifically designing the implementation to your industry we can easily mold our processes to your business needs. Our experts will collaborate with you and your staff to promote efficient transfer of knowledge from the very beginning, resulting in reduced implementation time and risk.

Implementation Offerings

  • On-Site Implementation – Bring our experts to you, focused for several days to work face-to-face configuring systems and training your staff.
  • Remote Implementation– Built to reduce cost, this option provides a dedicated team to help ensure your system is deployed as quickly as possible.

Best Practices Project Management

All software implementations are unique, comprising of their own complexities and challenges due to the technological and organizational change involved. Our project management group has a wide range of expertise in many organizational verticals to enable timely and high quality TreeRing Time deployments.

Third-party Integration Services

We know the significance of time saved and errors prevented without having to manually key in information. To that end, we’ve created an Integration Services group dedicated to the development, testing, and deployment of interfaces between TreeRing Time and 3rd party applications for payroll, HR, ERP, Sub-tracking, and others.